Tips And Tricks When Starting Your First Acupuncture Session

Infertility is a very big and serious problem today, because the number of couples that cannot have children on their own is increasing. There are many reasons why these couples have problems and fertility doctors try to help all of them. In vitro fertilization is a very popular treatment because it helps the majority of these men and women who want to become parents to get pregnant. However, in some cases additional help is needed and acupuncture can increase the rate of success of the IVF. Here are a few tips about the IVF and acupuncture that you may find helpful:

Find a doctor to do this job

Even if there are many acupuncture specialists that promise to help you get pregnant in no time, it is better if you will chose a doctor to do this and we are not talking about any doctor who does from time to time acupuncture, but a fertility doctor who believes that acupuncture will help you get pregnant fast and easy under the in vitro fertility treatments. It is important that the doctor has experience in the acupuncture IVF in Melbourne treatments and he has seen many cases, because he will know to tell you what to expect from these association. Also, you shouldn’t choose just a good fertility doctor for your acupuncture sessions, because a few hours of experience won’t matter and the acupuncture will be in vain. 

Reliable acupuncturists

However, there are important fertility clinics that have one or two acupuncturists associated. It is safer if you will see one of them, because you will know for sure that it won’t be a scam, like many acupuncturists that work individually and they don’t have any real knowledge in this field of work.

All your treatments should work in harmony

When dealing with infertility there are some treatments you have to follow and they should work hand in hand. Your acupuncturist should know everything about your fertility and endocrine treatments and vice versa, so that they will work in harmony, completing one another.

Don’t forget about the obstetrician

Because the pregnancy acupuncture targets the improvement of your reproductive organs you should definitely check with your obstetrician before seeing such a specialist.

Be aware that your acupuncturist may recommend you Chinese herbs

There are Chinese medical herbs that are recommended when you do acupuncture. However, every woman that undergoes an IVF treatment has to take also some orals pills or do some shots every day. Therefore, you shouldn’t combine the herbs with the medical treatment, so avoid anything taking any other substance without asking your doctor.

Never do acupuncture if you don’t know for sure if you are or not pregnant

Acupuncture is very safe, but if you don’t tell your acupuncturist if you are or not pregnant it can be also dangerous. Imagine that you did some sessions before your implantation and afterwards you want to continue them but you don’t tell the specialist if you got or not pregnant. There are some points that can help you with the implant when the uterus isn’t pregnant, but when you get pregnant, it may cause you to lose the pregnancy. Therefore, after implanting be very careful and never accept acupuncture before you talk everything thoroughly.