Who Requires Special Back Care

The statistics show that some 14 per cent of the people living in Australia experience back problems of different severity. The causes of these issues are many and different. Among them, you will find the two extremes – extensive physical exertion and lack of physical activity. Find out more about the groups of people that are at greater risk than others and what they have to do to prevent back issues and deal with them whenever the need arises.

People at Risk 

School students: They often get back problems due to carrying a heavy backpack and having poor body posture during performing common tasks such as writing. It is important for children who experience such issues or are at great risk to be referred to a medical specialist without delay. This is because their bodies still grow and develop and the problems may become chronic. 

People involved in intensive physical activities: Professional athletes and dancers and workers who carry heavy materials or equipment are at great risk of back problems leading to pain and mobility reduction. With spinal joint adjustment performed at a Applecross chiropractic clinic, these issues can be effectively resolved. It is also important for the people who are at risk to receive regular check-ups. 

People with sedentary lifestyle: If you sit in one and the same position for a long time and it causes strain to the back, you will certainly experience pain and stiffness. The problem can be worse for people who do not get proper lumbar support while seated. The pain and stiffness can be relieved quite quickly with the adjustment of the spinal joints. Moderate physical activity and stretching exercises are effective for prevention. 

The elderly: Older people are at greater risk of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. With proper treatment and rehabilitation, the condition of the patients can be greatly improved. Full recovery is possible in many cases. 

Effective Care 

It is important for the medical condition to be accurately diagnosed first. Then the most effective treatment can be developed based on the cause of the problem and the symptoms which the patient experiences. The adjustment of the spinal joints which is performed at a chiropractic clinic is one of the safest and most effective treatments. It is suitable for people of all ages and can be combined with practically all other therapies for back problems. 


It is important for back problems to be treated as soon as they arise. If you do not experience such issues, but you are at higher risk, you should consult a specialist chiropractor who can help you with the development of a complete plan for prevention.