Natural Ways To Clean Air

Keeping the air fresh in your home is a big deal as there are so many ways which air is polluted outside and ingested into your blood stream, your home should be a safe place away from the fumes and chemicals that fill the air outside. However, with all the technology and gadgets that fill homes nowadays this isn’t the reality what most people face as air inside homes can be just as dirty as outside. The last thing you want is a chesty cough or a breathing condition, especially one which can be predicted and stopped at the source with natural and organic remedies. Most modern methods just make the situation worse so stick with the tried and trusted, ‘old school’, organic methods which will make your home a safe haven from all the dirt and dust that belongs outside. Here are just a few natural remedies which can solve the situation, see this awesome residential air cleaning.

Keeping the air fresh and free of pollutants is all about not releasing them in the first place and one of the major suspects when it comes to dirty air in homes are paraffin candles. Everyone loves a candle in their front room or in any room of the house to give the home that scented smell, but along with the scent of the candle there is soot, benzene and a lot of smoke which are filled with chemicals that you want to stay away from. As an alternative use pure Beeswax candles as these release hardly any smoke or scent and also releases negative ions which mix with toxins to extract harmful pollutants from the air. Another added bonus is that they burn a lot slower than normal candles so they last longer and are more cost effective as a result.

When it comes to quality air cleaning the best ways are always the oldest ways as even though they sound like myths they come from somewhere, generally the place where people had to come up with natural and ingenious ways of purifying the air with no technology. One of the best and most organic forms of air cleaning is the method of burning charcoal because it has natural ingredients which remove toxins from the air. In particularly, bamboo charcoal dehumidifies the air and has a porous structure which tackles bacteria and allergens.

Keeping organic and natural methods in mind the most natural and organic way to purify air is with plants. Plants are nature’s air filters as they release anti-toxins to purify dirty air and also absorb other chemicals which can be hard on the human body. Most importantly they always release fresh oxygen which replaces the dirty O2.