What Are Dental Crowns And What Types Are The Best?

Every person that ever had bad teeth has heard or was recommended a dental crown. Although the mere sound of it is frightening, this is most certainly a very common medical procedure. If you would like to have a gorgeous smile and not shy away from eating any foods regardless of their consistency then maybe you should consider a dental crown.

The dental crown is a cap that has the shape and color of your natural teeth. This is placed on the damaged teeth in order to give them strength and improve the appearance. They are usually used for weak, easily breakable teeth and are in fact mounted on them with cement all the way to the bottom of the original ones in order to maintain the pleasant visual effect as well as provide good support.

Why does anyone need one?

The dental crowns services is used in order to offer additional support to weak teeth, for example the ones with heavy decay signs. This allows the person to live a normal life without needing to worry about cracking teeth whenever enjoying a delicious meal.

Another reason for choosing the crown would be to restore a broken tooth to its original shape and size and offer support during mastication as well as a pleasant look for the person who wears them. The discoloration of a tooth can be another reason that your dentist has recommended the crown. Root canal will help regenerate an impeccable smile in no time http://www.mtalbertdental.co.nz/services/root-canal-treatment/. The evolution of technology has allowed the development of a large array of styles and materials to choose from.

Some of the types of crowns include: the stainless steel crowns – these are used on the natural teeth as a measure of protection, thus it protects them until a permanent crown is developed; porcelain and metal crowns – these are the permanent crowns that are shaped to the very fiber of your original teeth, the process of fabrication including building up a metal structure upon which the porcelain is fused to, offering a very natural shape, size and feel; resin crowns – these are the cheapest types of crowns as they only have a plastic – like layering, although offering a quite natural look, they are weaker than the porcelain ones being prone to wearing down; all ceramic crowns – these types of crowns have been especially made aiming for people with different allergies to metal, even though they are not as strong as the ones fused with metal, they offer a more natural looking result than the resin ones; zirconia crown- these crowns are digitally constructed on the spot without needing a temporary crown.