Trusting People

Trust is a big part of everybody’s life. Some people can be trusting to others while other people are not so trusting towards others and some people are trustworthy individuals while other people are not trustworthy individuals. It all depends on the person and what type of person or personality that certain individual has though. If someone trusts you then you should never take advantage of it, it means that showed them certain qualities in yourself that made you trustworthy to them and you should always cherish that.

If you tell someone who trusts you that you are a chiropractor in Miranda, the odds are that they are going to believe because they feel that they formed such a deep connection with you that anything you say they would believe. This is why you should try not to abuse that trust that you have been given by that person. It is especially helpful in the workplace where if your boss trusts you then he or she will trust your decisions and will give you more important tasks to do complete so you can challenge yourself and put yourself above the rest of your employees and might even get a promotion or pay rise because of the work good work you have been doing. Trust in sport is also a big thing as you need your teammates to trust you so the team, as a unit, can perform better and utilize that trust and bond that you guys have formed together as a competitive edge against your opponents. All teams that have formed a resilient bond with each other are normally the teams that are well in sync and tend to come out on top in the battles they do against other teams. If you look at all the world cup winners of team sport you will notice that they were no problems within the training camps and no bad press or trust issues within in the team which is what helped them come out on top. 

If you try telling someone who does not trust you that you are a chiropractor in Miranda that person won’t even consider it to be slightly the truth and will definitely question you or call you out for being a liar because of something you might of done in the past or something that they might of heard of you doing that caused them not to trust you. Your reputation of trust will carry on with you for the rest of your life.