Hip Surgery in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can harm any joint of the body and hip joint is not an exception to it. It results into the stiffness and disability of the joints. The pain is often felt in the groin upper part of thigh or buttock or both. Over-weight or obesity only exaggerates the problem. In the later stage it begins to interrupt in day to day activity and also give restless sleep. Know more from this website.


If you are experiencing as such pain in your thigh or buttock area then it is advised that you take a visit to a known hip specialist. He will be able to diagnose the problem properly. For this, he will ask for thorough study of your health. Thereafter, various examinations of joints of hips, knees, ankles and feet are done. X-rays of these joints are done and at times the x-ray of neck is also done. In rare cases, an MRI scan, CT scan or Bone scan can be must.


In the initial stages of the problem, anti-inflammatory medicines can prove effectual in eliminating pain and can also halt the destruction of joint caused by Rheumatoid arthritis.

Exercise are effective but before the occurrence of Rheumatoid arthritis as once the problem of the hip has started no exercise can actually stop its further progression. However, it is suggested that motion as well as weight bearing exercise should be adopted in order to maintain the muscle strength and overall health of hearts and lung. In this way, exercise can prevent the worsening of the condition and thus preventing complications.

Hip Surgery for Whom?

If you are suffering from unbearable pain and medical help has stopped to aid then you might be advised to go for complete hip replacement. Patients who are still in early stages of the problem and have not reached at the stage where rheumatoid arthritis is not causing devastating pain should better choose hip arthroscopy.

The best possible thing that you can expect without seeking hip surgery is that there would be decrease in mobility along with antirheumatic medicine. You can see some improvement in the symptoms using steroids.

While if we consider the worst case of rheumatoid arthritis is that it can lead to serious destruction of the hip joint and can also add the problem of osteoporosis along with reduced physical activity leaving no other option except hip replacement but with lesser positivity in the result.
As far as the option of hip replacement is concerned in the patients of rheumatoid arthritis, it is the choice of patients. It is very important that proper decision is taken at the right time, delaying which will only add to the problem and making the treatment tougher and less effective.